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Athletics and Yoga Series

Coming up, Yoga East Healing Arts Studio will be offering TWO 7 class series to incorporate a yoga practice into the workouts of runners and cyclists! See below for more information.

Fall 2022!

Coached Running and Yoga

                                           Tori Mincemeyer, RDN, RYT-200

                                           Tori Mincemeyer is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), runner, and newly certified yoga teacher. She is                                                     highly experienced in working with individuals on body image, recognizing the needs of the body, and                                                               responding to those needs with self-compassion and health promoting practices, such as mindful eating and                                                   movement. She became a yoga teacher to deepen her personal practice, and to become more skilled in                                                           translating the physical practice and philosophy of yoga into running, nutrition, and body image for better                                                         health and overall satisfaction with life. 

Dates: Thursdays August 4, 11, 18, 25, September 1, 8, 15
Time: 5:30pm-6:45pm
Cost: $79, Purchase the "Athletics and Yoga" pass HERE

This 7 week program includes both running and yoga instruction. Week one starts with “Getting to know your feet!” Tori will guide participants through the physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice that will positively impact a runner’s training program. This program is for both total beginners (couch to 5k) and experienced runners hoping to improve their 5k time.

The first meeting will begin at Yoga East Healing Arts Studio. You'll need to bring your running shoes, water, and any other desired equipment with you. 

Spring 2023 (Dates TBD)

Coached Cycling and Yoga

                                         Missy Phegley, RYT-500

                                         Missy Phegley is a professor of English at Southeast Missouri State University, and enjoys teaching writing to all                                           levels of students. To balance her academic work, she has been teaching yoga for over 20 years, and continues                                             to be surprised at how often the subjects of her teaching intersect. Missy completed both her 200 and 300 hour                                             yoga teacher trainings at Yoga East Healing Arts. In her spare time, she regularly participates in mountain bike                                               races and gravel bike endurance races. Her motto is "it’s all about balance," and she strives to practice this in                                                 her teaching and all other aspects of her life.

Dates: TBD
Time: TBD
Cost: $79, Purchase the "Athletics and Yoga" pass HERE

Whether you want to improve fitness so you feel comfortable joining local group rides or you want to tackle longer distances at organized rides like Tour de Cape, this plan is for you! This 7 week program includes both cycling and yoga instruction for new and experienced cyclists. Participants will learn strategies for having a great experience on their bikes. This plan will help build students’ aerobic fitness to a level at which they can confidently ride a consistent pace for their desired time and distance. The cycling will be complemented by weekly yoga sessions tailored to the needs of cyclists, helping improve flexibility, build strength, and develop mindfulness and breathing techniques. This plan is ideal for those riders relatively new to the sport and want to improve their fitness and overall health. This plan is also ideal for those riders who are looking to build endurance for longer distances and to develop a regular yoga practice as a complement to their workouts. 


Weekly cycling sessions will cover the following:

Gear and safety

Nutrition and hydration

Making your bike work for you

Building endurance

Having fun!

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See our class schedule to register.

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