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Class Descriptions

Yoga East offers yoga classes for all levels.
Our studio is inviting, relaxing and easy-to-find in downtown Cape Girardeau.
Below you'll find a list of classes that are either currently being offered or have been offered in the past.
You will find a class and time that is right for you!

Hatha Yoga Flow

This yoga class is good for all students who are active and healthy. Static postures linked carefully together with mindful movement for stretch and strength. The Saturday class offers a 15 minute Dharma talk to incorporate philosophy and lifestyle into everyday practice.


Gentle Yoga

This yoga class is good for anyone wanting a slower flow, prenatal, or stress reduction. Basic postures and pranayama (breathing) are accompanied by a mindful eye of our skilled teaching staff and one-on-one assistance. New students welcome!

Somatic Synergy

This is a gentle yoga class specifically designed for trauma healing. Licenced Professional Counselor and Yoga Therapist Sue Nesler uses best practices and research to promote limbic system re-regulation and health as well as parasympathetic tone. Movement, breating, tapping, and progressive muscle relaxation are some of the techniques used and taught in this class.


Awakening Energy Kundalini-Style Yoga

Based in the Bahkti, Raja, and Shakti traditions, this class is taught by a Kundalini trained yoga practitioner wishing to advance to their KYT training. Having studied for many years from the best energetic yoga practitioners, the instructors who incorporate Kundalini-style postures, breathing and reflection offer a deep and insightful practice.


All Access Yoga!

This class offers a body positive atmosphere where students will learn how to use props, modifications, and self-compassion to make poses more accessible in the body they have now! This class is suitable for students of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels. Come join the fun!


Yin Yoga 

Yin yoga moves past the stretch of muscles into the soft tissue for a steady deep stretch with focused relaxation. This is a slow, floor-based practice focusing on the meridians of the body, the organs, as well as incorporating bandhas and pranayama.


Yoga Therapeutics

Yoga postures and practices tailored to your specific needs, good for anyone with limitations, injuries or restrictions. Offered in both private and class format.

We also offer Private Yoga Classes for those wanting individual instruction.


Explore Yoga

This is an anatomically-based class exploring specific joints and muscle groups in each class. Pranayama (specific breath work) is explored in each class as well. Come explore what your body needs!


Vin/Yin Yoga

This class combines the powerful practice of mindful movement (vinyasa flow) with yin (static and deep stretch) postures to restore and rejuvenate.


Vinyasa Flow

Traditional movement-based yoga practice exploring both sun and moon salutations and their variations as well as creative movement infused in these traditional standard flow sequences.


Joint-Freeing Series

Pavanmuktasana is for anyone concerned with overall joint health, flexibility, mobility, and strength. Based on Mukunda Stiles’ Structural Yoga Therapy Program. Sue Nesler was certified by Mukunda himself before his death and is the only person in the region to teach this integral therapeutic series. Designed around the 45 specific possible body movements as outlined in the science of kinesiology, this class has many therapeutic benefits.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and MBSR Express!

Mindfulness meditation practices have been clinically shown to reduce both acute stress as well as daily stressors of life. Developed and researched by Jon Kabat-Zinn since 1979, this important series, conducted in 8-week cycles covers grounding techniques, mindful eating, body scanning, and other implemented tools for daily living. Come join us for this important life skills journey!


Restorative Yoga

This is a slow-paced class with each position carefully cultivated and propped to be safely held for several minutes. These poses help restore the central nervous system, intercept the stress response, and incorporate stretching and breathing (Pranayama). Our restorative teachers have all studied with and been certified by Judith Hanson Lasater.


Yoga For Beginners

Join the instructor on a journey of beginnings through the 8 limbs of yoga, with a focus on asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing) to learn more about yoga and it’s benefits. If it’s your first class or you’ve taken some time off, a wonderful way to immerse yourself into the practices in a practical way.


Morning Movement

Start your day with the gentle and supportive energy in this class that combines Qi Gong, yoga, and pranayama.


Tai Chi

Learn this ancient practice which can help with balance, posture, strength, endurance and flexibility.


Warm Yoga: October – February

Experience the stretch and release of muscles in a warm (92 to 96 degree) environment. Work up a sweat and burn stress away while releasing toxins. Incorporates Flow and Hatha stretching styles.


Surya Namaskara

The Eastern practice of movement in yoga in the tradition of Maharishi Patanjai. Different from contemporary “flow,” we dive into this moving mantra meditation for serenity and strength honoring all parts of the self. Good physical health recommended.


Moon Flow

Complimentary to the Sun Salutation, this flow includes slow, cooling movements and lots of hip openers.


Inversion Flow/Advanced Arm Balance

Get creative using our headstand assist prop to safely explore the upside-down experience in Vinyasa flow. The end of class will incorporate arm balances with an emphasis on alignment and body mechanics.


See our class schedule to register.

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