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“Self-Awareness is a supreme gift…” Irvin Yalom 


The counseling journey is both steadfastly founded in research and somewhat mysterious in nature. The counselor/counseled professional relationship is like no other. The counselor is both objective and invested. The counselee gets from the sessions and treatment plan goals and objectives what he/she/they put into it. Honesty, vulnerability, and introspection are just some of the ingredients needed for the journey to be successful. Growth and change happen! This is not always comfortable and can often times be challenging work with successes and opportunities for learning along the way.

Sue practices mental health counseling from the existential perspective. The givens of existence which is the common thread through humanity are freedom, isolation, meaninglessness in life, and death. As the quote above suggests, self-awareness is the supreme key to a successful journey. Sue offers a sliding scale fee, due at the time of service. Pricing discussed in a free 30 minute consultation or phone call as well as other information and roles/responsibilities. Disclaimers and consents are delivered via email in the first session. 


Please call 573-388-7272

Text 469-358-1200 if that seems easier, sometimes the first step is the hardest.

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