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Yoga East Healing Arts Studio is now offering HOT YOGA at The Hot Box!


What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is becoming more and more popular for its countless health benefits and leaving students with a sense of empowerment. This Yoga practice takes place in a heated room (about 100 degrees F, 40%-60% humidity). Pictured here, you'll see the Hot Box by Yoga East which is heated by wall mounted infrared heaters with added humidity. When practicing Hot Yoga, you will want to have a water bottle, a sticky mat, and towels on hand. Yoga East has a few extra sticky mats as well as high density foam blocks on hand for student use, and plenty of hand/face towels for all of the inevitable sweat!

Why try Hot Yoga?

Needless to say…sweating is mandatory in a Hot Yoga class. Sweating is great for your skin; it is also one of the ways our body rids itself of toxins. Hot yoga without a doubt detoxifies the body leaving you with a radiant glow and feeling amazing. In the heat the way you breathe changes. Practicing a steady pranayama throughout Hot Yoga can help increase lung capacity letting all the cells get more oxygen which makes them happy. Other known benefits of this practice are, increased flexibility, improved immune system, improved circulation, reduced stress, improved sleeping patterns, increased strength, endurance, and stamina. Hot Yoga also strengthens your bones, reduces blood glucose levels, and can help ease depression and anxiety. Hot Yoga challenges you in all the right ways so that you leave class feeling accomplished and energized. If you are interested in experiencing these benefits for yourself take a look at The Hot Box class offerings brought to you by Yoga East Healing Arts.

See our class schedule to register.

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